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Babcock's circa late 1800s

Great Food + Community +History

Babcock's Grove House is a casual dining spot located in the heart of historic downtown Lombard. We specialize in fresh, simply prepared Midwestern comfort foods. We're not a big restaurant by any means. Our intimate setting with vintage, conversation level music and a purposeful lack of televisions accommodates about fifty people inside and, on nice days, another thirty out. 


As Lombardians, we embrace our history and community. Subtle nods to both can be seen in our decor, menu and logo. We are crazy for lilacs and want to share our pride with everyone.

Wholesome Ingredients, Thoughtful Preparation


Babcock’s specializes in quality, not quantity resulting in a menu with just the right amount of options and plate sizes that will leave you satisfied but not bloated. When possible, we source our ingredients locally, including a few herbs and vegetables grown in our gardens. We aim for fresh, wholesome and homemade versus pre-prepared and frozen. We also offer a variety of local beers and old timey sodas and thoughtfully selected wines. 


Counter Service By Day, Full Service at Night

Counter Service 11am - 4:30 pm (think Brick's, Panera, LaBriola)

Full Table Service in the evening after 4:00pm.


Charming Historic Location 


The name "Babcock's Grove House" has been reclaimed. Our location was constructed in 1858, prior to the Civil War. It was built as a hotel and named Babcock's Grove House (Lombard and Glen Ellyn were both known as Babcock's Grove at the time). It's rumored that the hotel was built to accommodate the Republican National Convention of 1860. Babcock's Grove House was later renamed The Lombard Hotel. 


Our building is constructed of hand hewn limestone more than one foot thick. A beautiful decorative tin ceiling remains. The basement was home to a dram shop and the original entrance remains today but is hidden from sight by the monument stairs that were poured above it.


Over the course of 150 years much has changed in the building, but many original items remain or can be seen on display at the Lombard Historical Society, located within walking distance of our restaurant.

Visit us soon or our new concept NachoRita, just down the block.

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