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NOT A RESERVATION BUT,  Babcock's call ahead seating process works by getting your name on our waitlist (if a wait exists) before you get to the restaurant.


Instead of waiting onsite, much of your wait happens at home and during the walk or drive over. We suggest calling at least a half hour before you plan to arrive, especially on busy weekend nights.

Call ahead seating works great for most. However, should you miss your call, you will likely get stuck waiting a bit longer. So it's important to ensure that you plan your route accordingly, give us the correct phone #, make sure your phone is charged and also that you check it frequently.

Also remember, wait times quoted are purely estimates. We are a tiny restaurant and should patrons stay longer than anticipated, this will affect your quoted time. We do our best, but as in life, we're not always in complete control and this is really more art than science:-). Thanks for your patience. Hope to see you soon!

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